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hey truscum whats it like taking gender too seriously

haha yeah, we should really learn to be less serious about gender. all of the transphobic hate crimes and murders, all the trans people we’ve lost to suicide over their crippling dysphoria, the financial debt of transition resulting in homelessness or worse, we really ought to stop taking it so seriously lol

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if i had a fucking dollar for every time someone bashes feminism as a whole but only actually talk about radfem i’m be fucking rich. like no not all feminsts are like that. jesus fucking christ do you think that the group is immune to having factions? do you think all feminists are the same?? i don’t fuckin understand people tbh.

Picture a bowl of m and ms.  10% of the m and ms are poisoned.  Go on.  Eat some.  Not all Feminists.

"We are not playing Michael Bay’s Cthulhu"
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The crab is confused by physics.

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Because of this and this.

Pearl Cipher……….. love it!